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KNPC new refinery is a world-class grass roots refinery to produce low sulfur fuel oil to replace high sulfur fuel oil used in local power plants. This large scale refinery is designed to process 615,000 BPSD of light Kuwait crude oil or 535,000 BPSD of heavy mix Kuwait crude oil. This refinery uses latest technology to comply with stringent environmental regulations to protect the local environment, and at the same time produces the latest environmentally friendly ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels for worldwide markets as well as jet fuel, kerosene, and naphtha feedstock for petrochemical plants.

The project is a significant one and it places KNPC amongst the first global refining companies in terms of refining capacity and producing environmentally friendly fuel that meets all international environment conditions. MESC has secured the first order in this Mega project with an order to supply instrumentation and control cables for the main processing unit with Tecnicas Reunidas/Sinopic / Hanwha Engineering

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