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MESC Project Reference List 2018
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Jeddah North Project

Project Type: Power
Location: KSA, Jeddah

BCC Project Value:

Construction of One (1) New 380kV Underground XLPE 2500mm2 Cable Circuit Between Jeddah North substation to Jeddah North West Substation at JEDDAH

MESC supplied C-POWER


Project Type: O&G
Location: Saudi / Fadli

BCC Project Value: 50 billion Saudi riyals

The Fadhili project aims to boost Saudi gas production capacity to more than 17 billion standard cubic feet per day by 2020, a top energy priority in Saudi Arabia outlined in the kingdom’s National Transformation Plan.
MESC have successfully supplied Instrumentation Cables, Field Bus Cables, Fire Resistant Cables

Jizan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle

Project Type: Power
Location: Jizan

BCC Project Value:

The project’s scope of work consists of an offshore and utility package for the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plant located at Jizan City, Jizan Province, Saudi Arabia.

The scope of the project includes the development of the utilities and off-sites facilities for the IGCC complex. The gasification unit will have a capacity of 2,110,000 Nm3/h of syngas that will be evenly used to produce purified hydrogen for the refinery and to fuel a combined cycle facility producing utilities and power for the refinery and export to the national grid. The total output of the plant will be of approximately 2,400 MW.

MESC Supplied Fire Resistant Instrumentation cables , Flexible Cables, Instrumentation Cables

Riyadh Power Palan PP13

Project Type: Power
Location: Riyadh

BCC Project Value:

PP13 will consist of two blocks with each block being a three-on-one combined cycle power block. Each power block will include three GE 7FA combustion turbine generators.

MESC Supplied Instrumentation Cables