Middle East Specialized Cables Company (MESC) ensures a certain and sustainable product that meets all quality requirements and also ensures that all received and used materials & components meet specific requirements & quality standards to facilitate the production of a high quality product. MESC has a well-equipped laboratory for conducting various routine, type & special tests according to international standards/ specifications. Thereby, a high level of customer satisfaction cannot only be maintained, but also be extended. There are three stages in the quality control system.

1. Raw Material(In coming) Inspection:Detailed raw material specifications and inspection plan with clearly defined parameters and accepted criteria are available for all raw materials going as cable components. Controlled copy of these raw material specifications and inspection plan are made available to all concerned through network.

2. Process Quality Control(In process Inspection):Process capability analysis is carried out for all major machines by employing statistical process control measurements which are exercised at each and every process in addition to the regular monitoring systems like diameter controllers, spark testers, capacitance and eccentricity monitors for setting process tolerances. In Process Quality Control, the charts are maintained by comparing them to the design sheets issued by the technical department and various tests in line with process check & test plan are carried out on the in-process product to avoid any surprises in the finished cable(final product) stage.

3. Finished Cable Testing(Final Inspection): Each cable drum length is subjected to various tests for verifying compliance with international standard as well as customer’s specific requirements. Test certificates are prepared and provided for customers reassuring them of the product quality. However, the ultimate test is the customer test. Middle East Specialized Cables Company (MESC) arranges inspections by customers and outside agencies whenever required.

4. Test Equipment & Apparatus: Highly reliable with high precision testing equipments/instruments from reputed brand are used in conducting the tests and measuring the parameters, A “list of equipment under calibration control (LECC)” is monitored and updated under calibration control procedure.