10 Aug 2017

MESC published an article at inside oil and gas Magazine  (A PARTNER IN EVERY PROJEC:  Middle East Specialized Cables (MESC) prides itself on being at the heart of every project and, by all accounts, it’s been a busy time as it expands with joint ventures into Africa and the CIS markets. As the world’s fifth largest cable producer, it envisages 2017 and 2018 as key growth areas. )

Middle East Specialized Cables (MESC) take several steps forward just as the global market has taken several steps back.


It is a dynamic organization that is continuously adopting, improving and adjusting its strategy at a pace that corresponds smoothly with industry and economic challenges or market drifts, observed Mohammad Gharaibeh, Area Sales Manager.


“We are currently focusing on MESC’s image and branding in new territories and sectors,” he said. “Placing the MESC brand at the heart of each project is our new mar-kiting strategy.”


As Mr. Gharaibeh explained, MESC has been undertaking internal developments to increase its flexibility towards clients’ requirements as it ventures into new territo-ries “where we need to be open, adopt new requirements and tackle them successfully.” The company has, since 2016, expanded in Africa, due to its proximity to the Middle East, and the potential to establish market share and increase it over the next five years. “The second sector under consideration is the CIS market, where entering might be at a slower pace than the African one, but will be potentially rewarding in the long run,” he added.


This year, MESC has several projects already under its belt, while others are to be secured for 2018. Mr Gharaibeh said: “However the major challenge is the oil price that drives most of the projects in the Middle East as well political stability.


“This was the main drive to launch new market initiatives and achieve balanced market share between the Middle East, Africa and CIS by 2022.”


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