3 Feb 2018

MESC published an article at African Review Magazine (Expanding cable operations in Africa: Middle East Specialized Cables is planning to expand its business across the continent.)


MESC is trying to expand in other geographical areas like Central and Western Africa as well as South Africa and Egypt. A company spokesman said, “Our main strength is in instrumentation cables especially for oil and gas, petrochemicals and industrial use.” The West Nile Delta (WND) development, which is due for completion in December 2020, is one of the company’s important projects to date. It is providing industrial, instrumentation, system and power cables for phase one of the North Alexandria Concession, which is expected to produce gas at a rate of up to 28.3 million cu/m per day.


MESC will also be assisting with the drilling of production wells, installing platforms, a water injection system and interfiled pipelines. He added, “MESC is supplying different types of cables for the West Nile Development project, especially those which are fire resistant cables for use in the oil and petrochemical industry. “The projects are handled centrally here by the projects team and we are appointing some partners and local distributors for us in Egypt and Algeria.


We are also going to try to expand in North Africa as well as Central Africa, which we will do indirectly through business partners and channels.” Other projects include West Mediterranean Deep water Concession, which was started in July 2015 and will be completed in March 2022 and the third project is Taurus and Libra Field Phase 2, which will be completed in June 2018. “We want to expand our operations gradually across the world and want to focus on Africa first of all before expanding into other regions worldwide.


It is an exciting time for the company,” the spokesman added. MESC Company was established in the 1993 as a private company before it became a public company and joined the Saudi stock market in 2007


3 Feb 2018 article at African Review Magazine